Everyone in this town loves Oakland Cemetery. It’s legendary. It sits at the heart of the city, and its original six acres are one of the oldest plots of land in Atlanta, having been spared destruction by Sherman’s fires in 1864. It makes sense that we’d do a cemetery post the last week of Halloween, but in actuality, Oakland is deeply unspooky. Read More

Let’s Get Spooky!

It’s 11:36pm on Thursday, the second to last day of September, 2016 and I just spent the last fifteen minutes Google image searching every flavor of LARABAR because there’s a 10% off coupon for them in my Cartwheel app this week and I’ve never seen one before, so I want to know exactly what I’m getting myself into before I purchase them for the first time at a discount. This is who I am. Dorky as hell and over-prepared to a fault. I don’t like surprises. Read More

Cocktail Hour

One of the great things about Atlanta is the way the bucolic is nestled alongside the industrial: the city is dotted with railroad tracks and abandoned warehouses but also lush with trees and flowers. The effect is a kind of gritty coziness that I haven’t experienced anywhere else, and Decatur’s Kimball House makes this same kind of contradictory sense. Read More

Well, hello.

Picture it: you’re a teenage weirdo. Maybe you can do a convincing impression of a normal person, or maybe you’re too strange even to pretend. Maybe you have a few friends like you, or maybe you’re totally alone. At any rate, high school seems endless, and you’re itching to escape to something bigger and better. At some point during this struggle, a well-meaning adult sits you down and tells you, “You just have to find your niche.” It’s good advice, but the “just” is misleading. More importantly, this tidy little maxim is missing some crucial information, like: what the fuck even is my niche? Read More