Cocktail Hour

One of the great things about Atlanta is the way the bucolic is nestled alongside the industrial: the city is dotted with railroad tracks and abandoned warehouses but also lush with trees and flowers. The effect is a kind of gritty coziness that I haven’t experienced anywhere else, and Decatur’s Kimball House makes this same kind of contradictory sense. Outside, it’s an old train depot, but inside it’s all luxurious finishes and a massive built-in shelf crammed with antique books and oddities that crowns the upper portion of one of the dining room walls. Add to this ambience a selection of raw oysters with taste notes like “country ham and butter” and a cocktail list that’s elegant and absinthe-focused, and you’ve got our favorite happy hour spot, hands down. So it didn’t take us long to decide that in and around Kimball House was the perfect setting for the first Sable Thread photo shoot.

This was also our first time taking pictures outside of Lindsey’s house, so we learned some things, like a) We aren’t totally sure how our camera works yet? b) Sometimes the best pictures are accidents, and c) seventy-five degrees isn’t layering weather, no matter how much you might wish it to be. But I’m totally willing to sacrifice the pits of my jean jacket in the service of style. (You don’t have to tell me I’m a hero–I know.)


What are you wearing?

TFO: Jumpsuit from ASOS, Bongo jean jacket thrifted a million years ago, my beloved canvas sneakers that came off the wall at Target.

LC: Literally everything I’m wearing here is from ASOS because I am obsessed with them. Some of it is currently still available:


Shirt Dress by Vero Moda

Crop top and boots are gone, sorry boos. 😦


How would you describe this look?

TFO: As if your mom looked at a bunch of street style pics on the Internet and then borrowed the jumpsuit you wore to your cousin’s wedding.

LC: Kinda like a goth server at a fine dining restaurant with a 3 1/2 star rating on Yelp. Like, it’s not a terrible restaurant, but it’s also not that great either.


What’s the oldest piece in this ensemble? The newest?

TFO: Oldest is the jean jacket by miles. I bought it at a thrift store in Atlanta in my early twenties. Newest is technically the sneakers, although I only bought them to replace an identical pair that I wore out. (I really do wear them constantly.)

LC: The boots are the oldest. I think they were a Fall 2014 purchase because, you know, 23 pairs of black ankle boots is NOT ENOUGH. The dress is the newest. Got it about two weeks ago.

What’s your favorite thing about your outfit?

TFO: Getting to wear this jumpsuit again. I did, in fact, buy it for a wedding and had so much fun in it, but it didn’t occur to me that I could tweak it and make it casual enough to wear to drinks or brunch or something like that until we started talking about this blog. It’s so comfy, and I love the way the fabric moves when I walk.

LC: I love the colors in it, so vibrant. LOL JK. I think my favorite thing about this outfit is the fact that I’m about to go drink delicious absinthe cocktails in it. But also I am all about the fully buttoned collar + statement necklace look.


Thanks for reading, babes! We hope you had fun. Join us next week, when we’ll have some spooky goodness to share with you in the spirit of the season. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (@thesablethread) for lots more stuff that you won’t see here. C U Next Tuesday!




2 thoughts on “Cocktail Hour

    1. We stand with you in solidarity, sister! We understand how difficult the closet evaluation process can be, so please do let us know if there is anything you need or anything that we can do to help!


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