I think of myself (mostly affectionately) as a big girl. I’m tall; I have a large frame; I’m pear-shaped; I’m in good physical shape. These are all clinical descriptors that strip my body down to its essence. They do nothing to describe my relationship to it, but I rely on these objective metrics when I’m grappling with my self-image. These are the facts, largely immutable, the truth about my body in its natural state. Read More

A Conversation With Linda, Mel and Sarah

As Taylor and I have mentioned in previous posts, our primary goal for this blog is to create a space where women can talk openly, honestly, and from the heart about their own style and what that means to them. We aim to have meaningful conversations about clothes that dive a bit deeper into why we like the things we like and why we choose the things we choose. Read More

on the fight to come

Like many of you, we are devastated by the results of last week’s election. A Trump presidency is a crushing blow to the rights of women, people of color, LGBTQ folks, Muslims, immigrants, the disabled, the poor – in short, everyone except rich white men. We don’t have anything new to say, but if, like us, you’re ready to show up and fight, here are some things you can do. Read More

The Princess, The Tomboy and The Slut

For my 32nd birthday this year, Taylor gave me a book. It’s a special kind of book, in that over 600 women of all different shapes, sizes, religions, ages, locations, etc., contributed to it. The topic of this book is clothes—more specifically, how women think about clothes, and thus it is appropriately titled Women in Clothes. This was an inspired gift on Taylor’s part for many reasons, but mainly because it has been a continued source of information and a companion to how we are approaching this blog and where we want to take it. The book is almost 500 pages long and could easily have been 500 more. Read More


This week, we are pleased to bring you the first installment of what we hope will become a regular segment on this blog: Ask TST! Our inaugural question comes to us via Facebook from our dear friend (and unofficial marketing advisor) Adrienne, who bought some killer kicks and came to us for ideas on how to make the most of them. Read on to see how we responded, and don’t hesitate to drop by and ask us some questions of your own. We live for this shit.


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