If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now

So far, we’ve talked a lot about personal style as it pertains to clothing, but style is more than that – it’s also about the space you live in. Lindsey and I are both homebodies (as in, there’s at least a 50% chance that anytime one of us asks the other to hang out, she will reply, “I’d love to, but I’d love to stay on the couch watching Netflix more.”), so our homes and their decor are sacred, and just as much thought – if not more – went into the look of our houses as goes into our outfits. So today, we thought we’d show you our favorite rooms and talk about why we love them. Mostly because we’re proud of all our cool shit, but also because we like peeking into how other people live, and we thought you might, too.



Why is this your favorite space in the house?

It’s the space that has all my treasures in it. It’s also the space that I spend most of my time in, and I work from home so “most of my time” is A LOT of time. I am in here for 12+ hours a day, typically, so nothing gets a place in this room unless it is something that I absolutely love looking at and that makes me feel good to have near me. Also it is an extra, extra special space for me right now because it is obviously all gussied up for Christmas. I wish that I could take credit for the garland over the entryway and out front, but I cannot. That was all Leg (my mom). She went balls out on that garland, much like she does with her Halloween costumes. I did do the tree though, and it is a very special tree 1) because I cut that shit down myself and 2) because it is becoming a family tradition for my mom, brother, sis-in-law, and precious little three-year-old weirdo nephew to all go to the Christmas tree farm together the Saturday after Thanksgiving and get our trees – so it has some sentimental value because there’s a good memory attached to it. And if you’re wondering – every single ornament that’s on it came from Target. They have this crazy sale on their Christmas stuff the Saturday after Thanksgiving where you get $50 off your purchase of $100 on Christmas décor. It’s insane and wonderful. Thanks Target. Love you, boo.


How would you describe your interior design style? Was there a concept from the beginning, or did a particular piece or pieces send you in this direction?

I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but I approach styling my home in the same way that I approach styling myself. I just choose things that I love and they all work themselves out together because I love them, I think. I mean, I don’t know, maybe people walk in here and are like “What the hell is happening in here,” but I think it looks badass. I definitely have very specific tastes in things, for example I love the streamlined, clean quality of Mid-Century Modern design, but I also love a bit of industrial and older antique pieces thrown into the mix for some weight and contrasting metals/hardware. I think it adds character and interest to a room (or outfit) when there isn’t a specific time period or style that it looks like it belongs to. It looks less like a movie set or a costume, and instead makes it something completely new and exciting – full of things to discover. I also think that incorporating different styles gives it a more lived-in feel, which in turn makes it warmer and more inviting. There wasn’t really a concept for this room in the beginning, but I knew what I wanted it to feel like, so that is kind of what I based my design decisions off of. I was moving to a pretty small house from this gigantic open loft space with 25 foot ceilings and stark white walls- which was incredible, just didn’t provide a lot of opportunity to make it feel very homey. So I wanted this place to feel cozy and very “me.” Very personal. I knew that I was going to be inheriting the two fancy chairs when I moved back down to Atlanta from Chicago, and I knew that I wanted to balance their more ornate design with some Mid-Century elements, so I chose that lamp for the table (purchased at Dial M for Modern in Chicago which is AMAZING, FYI). I already had the TV stand, which is another favorite of mine – purchased on Craigslist from someone who specializes in MCM furniture. I then bought the coffee table (and a matching desk) from that same person. Everything else just kind of found its way into the room piece by piece.


What piece(s) are you particularly proud of?

Ugh, can I answer all of them? I literally love every single object in this room. If I had to choose though, it would come down to two things. The two fancy armchairs (which I consider one thing since they are a pair) and the piece of driftwood on the wall. Both of these things belonged to my grandmother, and her mother before that. In fact, the two photos that are framed on the wall were taken in the 60’s of my great-grandmother’s utterly drool-worthy Mid-Century Modern house in Florida, and there in her carport in the photo, you can just faintly make out the same piece of driftwood hanging there. So meta right? I only remember very inconsequential things about my great-grandmother’s Florida house, specifically that the water always smelled of sulfur, there was a velvet sofa somewhere in it, she always had those colored aluminum cups that got really cold when you put ice in them, and that there was a creek behind it that we were always told had alligators in it. The driftwood was not one of the things I remember about her house. I remember the driftwood specifically from my grandmother’s house. It was similarly hanging in her carport once my great-grandmother had passed. I also remember the chairs from my grandmother’s house. They were in her formal living room (i.e. the one we only went into for Easter and Christmas to take pictures). I grew up coveting these items from her house, and these, along with some of the small flower shaped soaps she always kept in her bathroom, were the only things I specifically requested when she passed (although I now have quite a few other things that belonged to her in addition to these thanks to my aunt and dad and step-mom).




What piece (if any) could you do without?

Ummmmm….. I guess the curtains.

What makes a space feel like home to you?

There’s a lot of history in here. Most everything in here has some kind memory attached to it, or some kind of sentimental value to me – but also, and maybe more importantly, a lot of the pieces are old. Like, older than me. And they have had lives before me, which I love to think about. They have their own stories that I’m not a part of, and they will continue to have stories once they belong to someone new. That probably sounds lame as shit, but it’s true. I like the idea that I’m just a blip on their radar, and that really they are what makes this place special, not me. I promise I’m not stoned right now.


Also, when I’m in this room I’m surrounded by things that I love. I think that’s all it really takes for a space to feel like home. The record player was a gift from an ex-boyfriend (thanks, Drennen, if you’re reading this. Still love this thing. You’re totally not reading this). The elephant painting was a gift. The trunk was my grandma’s hope chest. The metal and string wall hanging was a gift from my lovely Sarah whom we interviewed a few posts ago. Two of the candles on the console table were also gifts from some of my favorite Chicago ladies. The book next to those candles is Harper’s Guide to Wildflowers, published in the early 1900’s, and it is where the illustration for one of my tattoos came from. The two end tables were some of my very first real furniture purchases for my first apartment in college. The birdcage in the corner I got at an antique store on a super chill weekend lake trip a couple of years ago. You already know about the chairs, driftwood, coffee table and TV stand. Ultimately, I think what makes any space feel like home is filling it with things that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also pleasing to the soul. Also, candles help. Lots of candles.





Why is this your favorite space in the house?

For one thing, it’s completely done – my husband and I bought this house a little over a year ago, and we still have a guest bedroom and a master bathroom that aren’t where we’d like them to be. For another, I think it’s a perfect reflection of both our styles, and although I don’t talk about my husband much on here, he is the light of my life – so it’s important to me that this space feels like it belongs to both of us, like we created it together. Also, I just love everything in here. I think it’s beautiful and polished but also has some essential witchy elements.


How would you describe your interior design style? Was there a concept from the beginning, or did a particular piece or pieces send you in this direction?

It’s probably not hard to see the connection between my home decor and my sartorial choices. It’s a lot of the same thing – clean lines, coziness, moons everywhere. And there was definitely a plan from the beginning. One of the fundamental differences between the way Lindsey shops and the way I shop is that I think she has a little more flexibility – hence the being guided by “feel” that she just talked about. She’s open to possibility and is more creative than me in that way. I, on the other hand, knew exactly the furniture I wanted in here, the colors, everything, and there were a few adjustments I had to make when we were buying things that were genuinely stressful for me because a piece didn’t look exactly the way I’d imagined it in my head. So I wasn’t led by anything other than a salesperson through the West Elm floor as I pointed out all the stuff we’d already picked out online. (No one has ever accused me of being flexible, haha.) That said, a lot of the cool accent pieces were layered in as the big pieces came together, and that was more intuitive. The mirrored end tables in the dining room, for instance, weren’t part of my original design, but now they’re one of my favorite things, and I want to add more tchotchkes to them forever. (That badass family painting you see on one such mirrored table is by our friend Lydia Walls, who does commissions. You should check out her Etsy.)


What piece(s) are you particularly proud of?

Like I said, I love pretty much everything in here, but the dining table is fucking beautiful. It was one of those purchases that really makes you feel like an Adult. Like I can see myself being an old lady insisting on its timelessness in fifty years. I also love the china cabinet, which is the only thing that doesn’t have modern lines, because it’s a family piece. It was my grandmother’s, and then my mom’s, and now it’s mine. Although it has our dead pets’ ashes in it instead of china, which would probably horrify my grandma.

Oh, and the plants. I have a black thumb, but there are three plants in this room that are beautiful and thriving despite this curse. Well, I take that back. Our new kitten has bent all the stems of my ZZ plant, so it looks kind of sad and droopy at the moment. But it’s not dead! I just think plants make a room feel so welcoming.


What piece (if any) could you do without?

There’s a cute pomegranate print on the wall by the TV that’s sort of eh. It’d be better suited to an office space or something. I’d love to put something sculptural in its place eventually. Also our curtains are pretty sheer, and ordering them was a nightmare that wasn’t really worth it, so I’ll be happy to replace them.


What makes a space feel like home to you?

This will sound corny, but it’s true, so: the main thing is that my husband and my animals are there. But in aesthetic terms: lots of natural light, soothing colors, pattern, texture, candles and good smells and plants. So much of it is the energy generated by objects. I agree with Lindsey – if a room is filled with objects I love, it feels like home. I walk in the door every night feeling like I’ve returned to my real life, and everything outside the door is just noise.

That’s it for this week, lovelies! Take to the comments! What do you like about your house? How do you shop for decor? We always want to hear from you.

Stay cozy, and we’ll C U Next Tuesday!



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