Does This Come In Black?

Well fam, it’s Tuesday, and you know what that means – you’re one day closer to Sunday brunch… aaaand a new TST post! We decided to give the people what they want and show y’all some clothes this week since we do fancy ourselves a style blog and we were naked last week, on a break the week before that, and then pretty much just complaining about stuff in our last post of December.

So today, you get clothes because we love you.

Taylor and I didn’t have to dig too deep to find outfits for this post, because everyone who knows us knows that we are goth kids at heart. When I was in 7th grade my Science teacher, Mr. Parson (I think?) called an emergency meeting with my mom, the principal, and the rest of my teachers to discuss an urgent issue that he was having with me. That issue, as it turns out, was that he couldn’t hang with all the sweet Smashing Pumpkins gear I was repping every day and he really didn’t agree with my Wet n Wild nail color of choice. So, my mom shows up to the meeting and Mr. Parson proceeds to tell her that they are gathered there to discuss the fact that I wear too much black and have black fingernails, which apparently is a red flag for me being on all the drugs as well as a big ol’ slut. My mom very calmly looks at him and then down at her own outfit and replies “I’m wearing all black.”

And that was the day that Mr. Parson’s foot was introduced to his mouth. My mom then asked an array of questions including but not limited to:

“Are her grades going down?”
“Is she being disruptive in class?”
“Has she done anything wrong?”
“I left work for this?”

I think the meeting ended with my mom telling Mr. Parson to never speak to her again and for the principal to call her if any real issues came up other than the fact that he didn’t like her daughter’s choice in fashions. No such meetings were ever called, and Mr. Parson mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again. JK, but he totally never looked me in the eyes after that. Thanks, Mom!

So, not a whole lot has actually changed since then in terms of the kinds of clothes that I gravitate towards; I’d just say my taste is more refined now. It’s like when you grow up thinking that Olive Garden is the shit and then you move to New York and eat frutti di mare for the first time at a neighborhood spot that only seats 20 people and has a wine list with nothing on it that you can pronounce. You still like Italian food after that, but now you have a better taste for it. I think style is similar. Now, as an adult, my “all black” aesthetic has transitioned away from teen angst and more into what I like to call “moody” because it sounds sexy and sophisticated. Really though I pretty much just set all of my facet filters on the clothing websites that I frequent to refine by color (black, obvs) and do the occasional keyword search for “velvet.” That’s kinda my look right now, and I’m just goin’ with it. We’ll see where it takes me: hopefully not into heroin addiction and slutdom like Mr. Parson predicted all those years ago. He never struck me as a soothsayer. Just kind of a dick.


What are you wearing?

LC: Lace and fringe top from ASOS (I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I found two of my favorite things in a single shirt, you guys), velvet slouchy blazer from Nasty Gal, Ridley high waisted jeans from ASOS, studded wedge boots from Penny Loves Kenny.


TFO: Dress from H&M that Lindsey gave me inspired by the awesome outfits on the otherwise abysmal American Horror Story: Coven, shoes from ASOS, jacket from Forever 21, earrings from ???


How would you describe this outfit?

LC: Cross between Hugh Hefner and the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

TFO: Morticia Addams attempting to look casual.

What’s the oldest piece? The newest?

LC: Oldest are the jeans. They are so stretched out and starting to form weird bulges around the crotch area, but for some reason I just can’t seem to let them go. Newest is the top. Got it sometime last summer/fall.

TFO: Oldest are the earrings, as evidenced by the fact that I have no idea where they’re from. Newest is the shoes, which I bought last year and am obsessed with but rarely wear because… I don’t know why. I should wear them more.

Favorite thing about this outfit?

LC: I actually really like everything about this outfit separately and as a whole, but probably collectively what I like most about it is that it involves a lot of my favorite things: 1) fringe 2) lace 3) black 4) velvet 5) tough af looking boots 6) more black.


TFO: The dress, for sure. I love it so much but don’t really ever have an occasion to wear it. I feel very sexy and powerful in it and like I might actually be a vampire and just not know it yet.


That’s it for us this week, but did you know that you can get in touch with us directly via our Facebook page? You know, if you just wanna say what’s up, ask us a question, tell us what’s on your mind, holler at ya girls! Until then, we’ll C U Next Tuesday!



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