Yeah, We Wrote A Brunch Post.

Call us basic if you want, but we love brunch, okay? It combines two of life’s great pleasures – fancy breakfast food and day drinking – and for that reason it’s a meal that has achieved iconic status. So you know a brunch post had to be inevitable, and you know that brunch had to be eaten in downtown Decatur, because your girls love a cute restaurant in a historic building. Which is also why we chose Revival, Kevin Gillespie’s homey (literally–the space is a beautiful old house that has been restored as closely as possible to its original state) classic Southern food concept on Church Street.


The space is reminiscent of a bed and breakfast, in a good way – it feels intimate and informal, and there’s even a big farm table for large groups in the house’s old kitchen that hearkens back to Sunday dinners at your grandma’s house. The food is in keeping with this spirit – both the mac and cheese and the green tomato casserole come topped with crumbled Saltines – while also being elegant and refined. It was a perfect way to fuel up for the rest of our day, which we spent at Hartsfield-Jackson protesting Cheeto Hitler’s disgusting Muslim ban and the executive order to build his stupid fucking wall. The food at Revival and the crowd at the airport had something in common, too: they reminded us how proud we are to be where we’re from.


What are you wearing?

TFO: Sweater and leggings from H&M, sneakers by Daisy Street, purchased at ASOS, thrifted Bongo jean jacket with a new patch addition from Stay Home Club, earrings from some murky time in my early twenties.


How would you describe this outfit?

TFO: Teenage babysitter from a 90s movie (check out my GIANT hair!).


What’s the oldest piece? The newest?

TFO: I don’t know if the jacket or the earrings are older. I’ve had both of them for so long that I don’t remember ever not having them.


What’s your favorite thing about this outfit?

TFO: Well, there are two. The first is that it’s so fucking comfortable. I love being comfy, you guys. Especially when I’m eating. The second is the sweater, because it always makes me feel like Peg Bundy. If only I could pull off that red bouffant, too.


What are you wearing?

LC: Wrap dress and sheer tights from Target and ankle boots from DSW.


How would you describe this outfit?

LC: I watched Singles the night before I put this outfit together. That’s all you really need to know.


What’s the oldest piece? The newest?

LC: Oldest are the boots, they’re so worn in I can’t even see the brand name on the soles anymore, so I unfortunately cannot tell you who made them. Newest is the dress, just got it last week!

What’s your favorite thing about this outfit?

LC: I feel like Rene from Mallrats. It is so unabashedly 90’s.


That’s all for us this week! We’ll be back next Tuesday with another post about something probably other than brunch, and we’ll be chilling over on Facebook and Instagram in the meantime. Feel free to drop us a line if you want to talk food or clothes or schooners vs. sailboats. Til next time, we’ll C U Next Tuesday!




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