Leggings ARE Pants!

Lindsey and I spend the majority of our time in what, a decade ago, would’ve been called “stretch pants.” We both go to the gym a lot; she works from home; and I’m a nanny. So comfortable clothes are pretty key to our day to day life.

Now, I used to swear that I would never be caught dead running around in workout clothes, but that was before athleisure, which Wikipedia defines as “a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions.” I’m guessing at least half of this trend is thanks to Rihanna, my personal icon and spiritual guide, who not only sports the look flawlessly (lol get it? sports) and on the regular, but is also now a creative director at Puma, designing her own bonkers, beautiful, and – dare I say it? – goth homages to comfort and freedom of movement.

All of this is to say that it is now the opposite of uncool to wear yoga pants all day. It’s fashion, man. And thank our dark lord Black Phillip, because in addition to being acceptable streetwear, the explosion of cool workout clothes on the market motivates us to actually, uh, you know… work out. How bout dah?



What are you wearing?

TFO: Random leggings from Ross, bomber jacket from Francesca’s, sneakers by Daisy Street, ASOS crop top. H&M earrings and Steve Madden sunglasses.

LC: Satin bomber jacket from Akira in Chicago, Champion running tights and sports bra from Target, some raggedy-ass tank top that I’ve had forever, sunglasses and flats from ASOS, and whistle necklace purchased on Fab.



How would you describe this look?

TFO: I mean honestly it’s just athleisure, you guys. The hair might give it a slight “on my way to a breakdance rumble in the 80s” vibe.

LC: A cross between Ryan Gosling in Drive and a 32 year old woman who has stopped caring enough to bother putting on real pants when she leaves the house.

What’s the oldest piece in your ensemble? The newest?

TFO: Oldest is the crop top, which I bought last summer. Newest is the pants. I love them, by the way. I wore them again the day after this shoot. I know people say that you should invest in expensive workout gear, but I bust the thighs out of hundred dollar pants just as quickly as ten dollar ones, so I’ll save my money, thanks. And Ross has SO. MANY. pairs of ten dollar pants.

LC: Oldest is either the necklace or the tank top – both purchased at least four years ago. Newest is the bomber jacket – purchased in January.

What’s your favorite thing about this outfit?

TFO: Again, probably the pants. And also that you can see that I have a normal body with soft spots and still look cute. I feel really confident in exercise gear. Or, alternatively, the sunglasses. A very stylish man saw me wearing them a few days ago and pronounced them “phenomenal,” which pleased me.

LC: Definitely the jacket, but also the fact that wearing gym clothes as real clothes is somehow cool now.





There you have it, folks! We hope you’re inspired to go forth and crush it in your sweatpants now. And, as always, we want to hear from you on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be taking a brief break next week while I travel to M-F’IN HAWAII and Lindsey has family in town, but we’ll be back on the 14th with more. Stay fly, babes, and we’ll C U Next (Next) Tuesday!





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