An Ode to Target

Hello, lovelies! We’re back, and we sincerely apologize for the 2 week hiatus and for lying to you and saying that we would only be taking 1 week off, but Taylor was in Hawaii and I was on a 5 day long Catfish bender, so ya know, life got in the way. By the way, have y’all seen the one where the lady contacts the girl through Facebook saying that she’s been talking to the girl’s dad who has been dead for years? It. Is. Craaaaay.

Anyway, so if you guys are anything like us, you’re broke af right now (and always), so this week we decided to take you on a little budget shopping outing to our old stomping ground, the Target at Edgewood. This is the same Target where Taylor and I bought most of our lacy tunic tops, blazers, gaudy earrings, and pointed toe flats in our early college days. The same Target that we lived 0.3 miles from and still thought it was entirely appropriate to drive to. We love this Target, we have a history here, and we wanted to tap into some of its resources with you. That being said, the clothing selection at this particular Target is pretty god-awful right now, so this ended up being more of a challenge than we had originally anticipated, but we managed to pull together a few cute looks that we’d like to share with you now.

The first is the lovely Taylor, sporting a cropped, mock neck knit grey top and a pair of cropped smock-waist pants that the Target website describes as having a “kicky-attitude” and “bold self-tie customization”. Go on with your bad self Target. Also these two things are super cute together and are indeed a versatile treat for less than $40.


The next is yours truly in a little boho casual number with an off-shoulder printed top  and a pair of flowy, lace-cuffed shorts with rayon construction for “an elevated finish” and elevated flammability. They’re fire, but try to stay away from those in these shorts y’all. Safety first.

Next up, we’ve got Taylor and her kicky attitude again in a pair of high-rise, medium wash flairs and a voluminous ruffle top by Who What Wear.


And finally, here I am in the most comfortable shorts known to man, a striped tee (this isn’t the one I’m wearing in the pic because I couldn’t find that one on the site), and a “healthy green” bomber.

Ok, so these outfits are great and perfectly viable options for all of us budget shoppers, but you know we couldn’t walk out of this Target without embarrassing ourselves and each other, so in addition to putting together these cute outfits, we also decided to take on the challenge of picking out the worst outfits that we could possibly find for one another. Please enjoy these pictures of us trying our best to humiliate each other.

The first reveal. Taylor in the most boho dress I could find (because Taylor in anything even remotely boho seemed hilarious to me, and I have to say, it did not disappoint) and me in a denim mini and pink tank with “Positive Vibes Positive Mind” emblazoned on the front. Totally crushing these free-spirited lewks.


Up next – I put Taylor in a “Desert Darling” logo tee, a camo jacket, and a pair of embroidered daisy dukes complete with an entire garden of wild flowers growing right out of her crack. Isn’t she lovely?

And she put me in what I can only describe as early 2000’s casual Britney Spears.

And last but not least – these ruffled beauties.

Photo Mar 19, 5 11 24 PM (1)

Alright, that’s it for us this week. Thanks for joining us in the dressing room, and we will C U Next Tuesday!




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