Gimme Face: No-Makeup Makeup

I’m one of those people who improves vastly with a little makeup–although I love a full face, as you probably know by now, even a touch of foundation and some mascara does wonders for me. And in the last few years, “no-makeup makeup” has become a staple in beauty magazines, on Instagram, and in real life. The goal is to look like you, just better (and we’ll talk about how fucked up that sentiment is another time). But here’s the catch: most no-makeup looks… actually involve a ton of makeup and are super labor intensive, which, like, what? Betch, I’m lazy.

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Sunday Supper – Grant Park Farmers Market

Ah Spring. The season of rain showers, open windows, almost getting away with wearing a bathing suit as a shirt, and FARMERS MARKETS.  Taylor and I decided to spend last Sunday morning perusing the booths at the Grant Park Farmers Market to see what farm-fresh treats they had to offer that we could then go home and turn into a delicious (sort-of) healthy Sunday supper. Here’s what we came up with.  Read More

Trend Alert: Denim with Pizzazz!

Trends, as we all know, are cyclical. At some point, your sartorial past is going to come back to haunt you, and for me and Lindsey, that point is now, apparently. So many of the things we wore and loved (and didn’t wear and hated) are cropping up in stores, some thoughtfully updated with a twist – ribbed crop tops are way cuter when they’re made of plain old cotton instead of whatever that disgusting 90s synthetic fabric was, for instance – and some looking as if they materialized unscathed from a rip in the time-space continuum (I’m talking to you, mini backpack purses. I REFUSE). But what’s it like wearing the stuff you wore in your teens in your thirties? Personally, I love trends, and I refuse to act like I’m too good for them. So this begs the question: can an old dog squeeze into her old tricks? We’re here to find out, and we’re starting with jeans.

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5 Simple Steps to Eating Right

LOL JK this post is just about me and Taylor going to the Food Truck Festival in beautiful Grant Park over the weekend and stuffing our pie holes until we could no longer bear to be wearing pants. Listen. Everybody deserves a cheat day every now and then. This was ours, and we decided to make it count.
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