Like a Lady

In one of my earliest memories, I’m four or five years old. My mom and I are in the living room of the house I grew up in, and I’m wearing the same dress I insisted upon wearing every day: long and red, with little white flowers all over it, and a ruffle at the hem that just brushed the tops of my feet. I had other dresses, but this was my favorite, and in this memory my mother is trying to convince me to relinquish it for washing, and I am staunchly refusing. “I’ll wash it right now,” my mother is saying. “You can have it back in an hour.”

“But then I won’t have anything to wear while you’re washing it.”

“You have a drawer full of clean pants upstairs. You can wear pants for one hour. It won’t kill you. Besides, wouldn’t that more comfortable to play in?” At this point she’s getting exasperated, because I’m being an unreasonable dick, as children are wont to be. Read More

Bathing Suits Are Shirts Too, You Guys

Hello lovelies, and welcome back! As you may or may not already know, Taylor and I are conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia, the sweaty armpit of America known as the Dirty South. Now, I’m not entirely sure the exact origins of that name, but some might say that it has to do with red clay, dirt roads, and the very distinct sound and soul of southern hip hop. If I had to hazard a guess, though, I might also add to that the fact that it’s hot as BALLS down here and the only way to ever feel clean is to 1) never leave your house between the months of May and September, or 2) take at least 4 showers a day. So, on that note, I’d like to present to you, dear readers, a little tip straight from the land of 100% humidity and perpetual swamp crotch: bathing suits are basically sweat-absorbent body suits that you don’t have to wear a bra with.

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Bad Bitch Appreciation Post: Doona Bae as Sun Bak

If you’re not watching Sense8 on Netflix, let me break it down for you: it’s a sci-fi show by the Wachowskis (who made The Matrix trilogy) about eight people from all over the world who are connected telepathically and share information, skills, and, occasionally, weird slo-mo group sex, who have very complicated individual lives and are also being hunted by an evil scientist. If it sounds ridiculous, it is, but oh my god I’m obsessed with it. As flawed as it is, it’s also about FRIENDSHIP and LOVE and ASS-KICKING, which are three of my favorite things. There are not just one but two healthy and loving gay relationships, a trans character played by a trans actress, and four main characters of color who have interesting and complicated storylines. I’ve gone deep into Tumblr fandom on this one, you guys, and there’s so many things I could talk about in embarrassing depth, but the most important of these is Doona Bae and her outfits.

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Mommy’s Prison Secret: A Lifetime Original Recap (We Also Changed Our Name)

Hello and welcome, kittens! So, you may or may not have noticed that our name has taken on a slightly less serious tone of late. That’s because, as it turns out, Taylor and I are not serious people. We’re a couple of idiots, and in addition to wanting to talk about clothes and beauty products, we also want to do dumb shit like write recaps of Lifetime movies and reviews of Diva Cups (IT’S COMING). We needed a name that felt more like us, so welcome to Resting Bitch Face. We’re starting off this fresh new blog with a lady fresh out of the slammer in LMN’s brand new original Mommy’s Prison Secret. We hope you enjoyed this explanatory intro, now let’s get into the real post, shall we?

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Less is More: A Wardrobe Edit

A couple of weeks ago, our dear friend and number one supporter Adrienne hit up our Facebook page and said, “You guys, I really want a capsule wardrobe, but I have no idea how to go about designing one that works for my life? Work, weekend, going out, hanging with my kid, etc. But I really want to streamline. How?!?”

As fate would have it, I had already booked a trip to visit this lovely lady (and her equally lovely kiddo) in Chicago, which meant I got to be a REAL LIFE FASHION CONSULTANT for a weekend. Read More