Two Girls, One Piece, Three Ways

Hey, lovelies! We’re glad you’re here. Sorry we didn’t post last week. We’re shit, we blew it.

But moving on: One of my irrational pet peeves is when a TV show about “normal people” puts characters in entirely new outfits in every scene and you never see a person wear anything more than once. Sure, TV is designed to sell us stuff, and real life can be kind of depressing so we don’t want total verisimilitude–but come on, even if I was rich, I like to think I’d get some repeat usage out of my hot designer shit. Besides, one of the best parts about getting dressed is being creative, and what’s more creative than finding multiple uses for a single thing?

Plus, ever since I helped Adrienne clean out her closet, I’ve been doing a lot of fat-trimming in my own wardrobe and thinking about what’s essential as opposed to what catches my eye. And a big part of what makes something essential is versatility. That’s why I’m such a big fan of the white sneaker, for instance. When gearing up for summer dressing, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I’m pretty set on staples. I’ve done less shopping for the hot weather this year than I have in many, many years, and it’s partly because I made a lot of good choices last year, partly because my weight hasn’t changed (for once), but also partly because I’m being stern with myself. If I can’t think of at least three different looks off the top of my head when I’m trying something on in a store (or revisiting a bookmarked page online), I’m not allowed to buy it, period. And what a difference that rule makes! So far, the result has been a single shirt, and you guys, I fucking love this shirt. I’ve worn it five or six times in two weeks. It’s the off-shoulder, crisp white blouse of my dreams.

So how fortunate that, just days after I made this magical shirt purchase, Lindsey found a pair of HOT FIRE shortalls that she also can’t stop wearing. This post practically wrote itself. The snappy magazine title may be “One Piece Three Ways,” but an equally accurate title would be OMFG LOOK AT THIS THING I’M OBSESSED WITH.

No, really, you guys. Look.


Look One:

Photo May 30, 6 55 51 PM
Shirt by Style Envy (from TJMaxx), jeans by BDG (from Urban Outfitters) with patch by Stay Home Club, shoes from Shoe Land, earrings from someplace at Le Garage Sale in Austin

How would you describe this look?

The same way I’d describe many of my looks: Cool Mom Tries Street Style, Succeeds Marginally.

Look Two:

Photo May 30, 7 11 45 PM
Shorts by ASOS, shoes from Target, necklace from Ad Hoc Chicago

How would you describe this look?

Boho for women who are slightly uptight and just want to dip a toe in.

Look Three:

Photo May 30, 7 24 03 PM
Jeans by ASOS, shoes by J. Shoes, earrings from Akira.

How would you describe this look?

A little Ellen DeGeneres, a little Portia de Rossi. (I just Googled Portia’s name to make sure I was spelling it right and there are a lot of gross gossip articles suggesting she and Ellen are having marital trouble. I hope it’s not true! Also, why does Google put gossip magazine results at the top of their search returns?)

Photo May 30, 7 23 41 PM


Look One:

Photo Jun 11, 6 30 55 PM
Shortalls (overshorts?) by Blank NYC, purchased at American Threads in Decatur, tank and booties from Target, long necklace from Youngblood, short necklace a gift from L’s friend Carrie

How would you describe this look?

I kinda think I look like I should be milking a cow at a dive bar or something?

Look Two:

Photo May 30, 7 10 22 PM
Top from Target (bought during our budget shopping challenge!), oxfords a vintage purchase from San Francisco

How would you describe this look?

It’s pretty cutesy. I don’t usually do cutesy, but I’m into this one for some reason. I think I’m just obsessed with the shortalls and will wear them with literally anything.

Look Three:

Photo May 30, 7 26 17 PM (1)
Crop top from ASOS, all-time fave leopard flats (also a repeat repeat repeat wear), badass pin from Eradura

Photo May 30, 7 25 13 PM

How would you describe this look?

A little bit farm girl, a little bit rock and roll. It’s also my favorite of the three looks, and I want to wear it every day.

That’s all for us this week, babes! We hope you’re feeling inspired to become a repeat offender along with us, or at the very least to treat yourself to something you love so much you can’t stop wearing it.

C U Next Tuesday!



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