RBF Recommends: Summer Jams

Normally, I’d start this post talking about how much I hate summer and how hot I am and how terrible and boring summer clothes are–actually, I stand by that last one, getting dressed this time of year is the worst–but it’s been pretty nice here in Atlanta lately. Temps have stayed mostly in the 80s, and we’re being blessed with cool breezes and lots of thunderstorms, which leaves me praying for death way less frequently than I did last August. In fact, I drove home from work last night with the damn windows down like it was still April! #miracles (#magnets #howdotheywork)

Anyway, nothing improves a summer evening drive like some JAMZ, and we love to share here at Resting Bitch Face, so we want to help you soundtrack your late summer. Let’s take a magical soundscape journey together, shall we?

1. “Feels” – Calvin Harris feat. Katy Perry, Pharrell, and Big Sean

How can a song featuring three artists I don’t really care about be so infectiously great? Pharrell’s lyrics make no sense, Big Sean is dumb, and WTF ever, Katy Perry (you know what you did). STILL. This song bops, as does the entire album it came from–it’s perhaps Calvin Harris’s first record with no filler (although he did let Li’l Yachty fuck up an otherwise perfect Kehlani song with a verse about putting pepperonis on a girl’s face and I get really mad when I think about it). At any rate, I love this song, you will too if you haven’t already heard it, and you’re gonna wake up singing the hook in the morning for at least a week straight. You’re welcome.


2. “Boys” – Charli XCX

Charli’s biggest hit was the hook on an Iggy Azalea song, so you can be very forgiven for not realizing that she’s actually great and makes some seriously weird and wonderful pop music. “Boys” is pure confection, and the video is pretty awesome, too, if you can get over how Joe Jonas-heavy it is (or maybe that’s your thing, I don’t know your life). I also love that the gist is basically like, “I know I’m supposed to care about things besides getting boned, but I don’t!” If you like this, I highly recommend giving the rest of her discography a listen.

3. “Asido” – Purity Ring

This is a single Purity Ring released in commemoration of the five year anniversary of their first album’s debut, and it’s classic Purity Ring. Weird body imagery, hip hop drum stylings, somehow both spooky and upbeat. I’m into it.

4. “Fake Magic” – Peking Duk & AlunaGeorge

I love AlunaGeorge. I love that they release singles out of nowhere, and I love that Aluna has guested on so many great electronic tracks. This is the latest one, and it’s so fun to dance in front of the mirror to. It’s funky, sexy, has a throwback vibe–basically a perfect summer song.

5. “Broken Clocks” – SZA

“I’ve paid enough of petty dues, I’ve had enough of shitty news,” SZA croons in her sexy-ass voice, and I’m like, isn’t that the truth? This song is an ode to when you’ve had enough and are ready to just say fuck it and remember how to enjoy your life, which is very much in the summer spirit. The whole Ctrl album is great, btw. You can put it on, light some candles, and feel some feelings. I mean, if that’s what you’re into. But who isn’t into that?

6. “Burn Out Blues” – Washed Out

I thought Washed Out’s last record was boring af and am so glad the new record is a return to form. I’m including this track because I like the video, but really anything from Mr. Mellow could’ve made the cut. Can you even listen to Washed Out when it’s not sunny outside?

7. “Offering” – Cults

THERE’S A NEW CULTS SONG! It sounds like a Cults song and it’s real good. The end.

8. “Dog” – Widowspeak

This is a hot night lying sprawled in your bed with your eyes half closed type of jam. Widowspeak’s last couple of records have had a little more of an alt-country vibe, but this new single sounds like early Widowspeak–moody, fuzzy, Mazzy Star-ish. Plus, the video’s aesthetic reminds me of early Beach House album covers, so you know I’m all about it.

I know eight is a weird number to end a list on–it should’ve been five or ten, but what can I say, I’m a rebel, and this is the end of the list. Jam out with your clam out, boos. What are you bumping right now? Who should we be listening to? Tell us all about it on Facebook.

We love you and we’ll C U Next Tuesday!


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