RBF Recommends: Simple Pleasures

You guys, let’s face it: things have been awful lately. There are Nazis and white supremacists marching in the streets, our shit-ass President can’t stay off Twitter and continues to wage war on his fellow Americans at every possible turn, it’s been hot af for what feels like years (shout out to global warming, which definitely fucking exists!), and this season of Game of Thrones SUCKED. (Yes, I said it. That finale was boring trash, and the only good thing that happened all season was them dragons and all the ladies’ outfits.)

In times like these, we have to get real basic with our gratitude. Personally, I’m just living for the little things and hoping they’ll add up. If you, too, are in the market for some small bits of good amid the general dumpster fire of 2017, this post is for you.

  1. This trio of friends. (Side note: the rat might freak you out, but domestic fancy rats are cool as fuck. My husband and I used to have a pet rat who was the absolute sweetest thing. He would sit in your lap and watch TV and give you kisses. RIP, Cap’n Bill.)dd6259dc74fb9693195b87278b12a5dc
  2. The Thorn Birds, by Colleen McCullough. You guys, I read this book along with my boos at HEAUXS, and it is WILD AF. Colleen McCullough writes beautifully about the rural Australian landscape and also seems to think that every boy at least kind of wants to fuck his mom and/or siblings? Plus she’s real Catholic but obviously resents the hell out of the Catholic church. Her dialogue is awful and she’s obsessed with the beauty of men’s bodies. This book is a delight. Read it immediately.81sp3owfwml
  3. Hot wings. I’m blessed to live in southeast Dekalb County, which means there are an abundance of amazing wings to be had nearby. My personal favorite is Atlanta’s Best Wings. It’s run by a lovely lady named Sandy, attached to a Chevron on Columbia Drive, and its name is not one word of a lie.20150428-buffalo-wings-reupload-kenji-6
  4. Ocean jasper. Jasper supports during times of stress, and I just got a beautiful ocean jasper sphere from Kudzu that I’ve been working with. It’s a magical little stone. If you’re into witchy stuff, it’s worth adding to your collection.il_fullxfull-1052029498_lkn0
  5. Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak. I take a LOT of baths, and as much as I love a fancy bath bomb, the real MVP is this epsom salt blend. It smells amazing, relieves muscle soreness, and it’s less than five dollars a bag. Get you some. Light a candle and meditate with some ocean jasper while you’re at it, if you want.pinkhimalayansaltbackground
  6. Punching Nazis. If you see a Nazi, punch a Nazi.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rh1dhur4aI

That’s it for us this week! We’ll be back next week with more style content and maybe some pictures of our actual faces. WHO KNOWS. What’s getting y’all through these dark days? Punched any Nazis lately? We want to hear all about it. LYLAS, and we’ll C U Next Tuesday!


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