Fashion Forms

Here’s the thing: I don’t really understand how time works. I’ll pack a day full of tasks and errands that I’m sure I’ll be able to complete, only to make it halfway through the list. I’m never late to work, but sometimes I show up with no makeup or fourth-day hair that really should’ve been washed because I don’t seem to understand that getting ready actually takes time and isn’t a magical process. I constantly forget to account for traffic on the way to the gym during morning rush hour and have to cut my workouts short, or, if I don’t have anywhere to be, I’ll do All The Moves and be surprised that I’ve been lifting weights for an hour.

My point is, there’s no room in my ongoing battle against the concept of hours and minutes for agonizing about what I’m going to wear. But there’s also no room for looking sloppy, because when I don’t like what I’m wearing it throws off my whole day. This is why having a basic template for dressing is so important: it removes a ton of stress while still assuring that I look pulled together.

At this point, Lindsey and I have gotten our styles down to a science, and it’s largely because we each adhere to our own personal set of guidelines, and you can, too, if you want. All it takes is a little time (lol) spent thinking about what you like–What proportions look and feel best to you? How do you like things to fit? What do you spend most of my time doing, and what’s appropriate attire?–and then trying only to buy things that fit these guidelines so that you don’t end up with a closet full of hodgepodge pieces that can’t be easily mixed and matched.

The best part about templates is that you can use them even if you’re not a minimalist. Buy a million shirts! If they all fit in one of your templates, you can enjoy endless variety AND low levels of sartorial stress. However, in my experience templates encourage me to buy less overall, helping me distinguish between pieces of clothing I like and pieces of clothing I’ll actually wear.

So, for this post, Lindsey and I wanted to share our personal templates with you. Let’s start with…




Photo Sep 04, 4 00 41 PM
Staying out of the way is against my dog’s religion.


What are the components of this template?

T-shirt, high-waist jeans or shorts, sneakers. Optional scarf on the head for when dry shampoo isn’t enough to conceal ya greasy roots.

Why does it work?

I’m a nanny, so anything that isn’t a T-shirt makes the day feel longer. Also, we take a lot of walks and do a lot of playing outside, so comfortable shoes are a must.

What are some ways you add variety?

I mainly vary proportion here. If I’m wearing mom jeans instead of skinny jeans, I’ll go for a cropped and/or fitted tee. I also like for my T-shirts to have some kind of interesting detail so I don’t get bored. (This one has a V cutout in the back, which I forgot to get a picture of, but I also like prints, knots, and texture.) I also might wear athletic slides or Birkenstocks instead of sneakers. And sometimes I wash my hair.

Photo Sep 04, 4 06 17 PM


What are the components of this template?

This template consists mostly of elastic waist pants, bare feet, bunned hair, glasses, and some kind of top that is not TOO pajama-y.

Why does it work?

I work from home, so comfort is the main goal here. I spend the majority of my day tinkering away on a computer with the occasional video conference here and there, hence the top that somewhat resembles real clothes. It’s the only part of me that other people at work see of me, so I have to at least try to keep that half classy. Other than that, it’s slob central.

What are some ways you add variety?

Sometimes I shower and put on a bra first.

Day Off




Photo Sep 04, 4 48 18 PM

What are the components of this outfit?

A top in a neutral color that’s comfortable but somehow impractical for work (in this case, simply because it’s white), high waisted jeans or shorts, flats. Usually visible bra of some sort.

Why does it work?

I’m comfortable, but in a more pulled-together way that’s conducive to a wider range of activities. It also gives me a chance to wear tops that are casual but not appropriate for work, of which I have many. (I love see-through and exaggeratedly low-cut shirts, what can I say.) I also love fancy flats.

What are some ways you add variety?

Again, I mostly vary proportion, and also makeup and jewelry. I tend to have more time to put on my face on days off.

Photo Sep 04, 4 49 14 PM


What are the components of this template?

High waist jeans or shorts, flat shoes, sunglasses, and a cropped t-shirt.

Why does it work?

It’s comfy as hell but it still looks like I’m at least trying.

What are some ways you add variety?

The template pretty much stays the same, so mostly the variety comes from whatever drink I happen to be holding.

Going Out

Photo Sep 04, 4 16 04 PM
Just a casual bathroom sink sit.

Photo Sep 04, 4 16 46 PM

What are the components of this template?

Fancy shirt (at the moment I have a strong preference for giant sleeves), high waist skinny jeans, heels or heeled boots, and giant earrings.

Why does it work?

I’m not a dress person, so I still feel like myself, but fancier. I also posit that the big earrings are key. If you’re wearing a piece of statement jewelry, you can get away with not trying too hard with the rest.

What are some ways you add variety?

This is probably the template I vary the least, probably because I don’t go out that much. And because I only own four pairs of heeled shoes and three non-casual shirts. (Side note: I actually wear this particular top all the time, but with jeans and white sneaks or shorts and black bow-front athletic slides. Not even my fancy tops are truly fancy.)

Photo Sep 04, 4 18 38 PM


What are the components of this template?

High waist jeans, boots, a minimalist button up shirt tucked in, some kind of statement necklace, leather jacket.

Why does it work?

It’s so neat and easy. Classic. It never looks bad.

What are some ways you add variety?

I’ll change up the boots, maybe go with something a little more loud like a leopard print or studs on the feet if the shirt is super simple. Sometimes I’ll choose a shirt with some kind of pattern, or I’ll change up the jewelry. This template is so simple, it’s easy to find ways to add interest in there.

Photo Sep 04, 4 23 41 PM

There you have it, boos! What are your go-tos when you get dressed? Do you have a job where you have to wear real professional clothes? What’s that like? Talk to us! And have some outtakes before you go. (We are THE WORST at photo shoots.)


Photo Sep 04, 4 48 01 PM
Wine-sniffin’ like a sophisticate.
Photo Sep 04, 4 49 39 PM
Mosquitos are assholes.

C U Next Tuesday!



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