Ask RBF: Flattering My Actual Body

Hey, babes! I was all set to write this post last week and then this bitch named Irma came and knocked out my power and internet for days (and Lindsey and I are so grateful to be safe and our hearts go out to those who lost so much more in this storm). I was so ready, though, because this is an installment of Ask RBF, and WE LOVE GETTING QUESTIONS FROM Y’ALL.

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I think of myself (mostly affectionately) as a big girl. I’m tall; I have a large frame; I’m pear-shaped; I’m in good physical shape. These are all clinical descriptors that strip my body down to its essence. They do nothing to describe my relationship to it, but I rely on these objective metrics when I’m grappling with my self-image. These are the facts, largely immutable, the truth about my body in its natural state. Read More